BM Media focus on delivering results for the insurance and financial sectors, with the team having developed an extensive experience working across these industries. The BM Media team posses a broad and specialist skillset including excellent campaign setup and management on platforms such as Bing & Google, talented graphic designers to deliver captivating assets and brilliant artists of language delivering compelling web and ad copy. 

Our Methodology

Marketing for Growth. 


It’s easy to get stuck into things, overlooking the end goal. Why we’re even doing it, is it even worth the effort. For us, this means being open with our clients about campaigns that have great opportunities to achieve growth, or being blunt about ideas and concepts which may prove to be a fruitless exercise. 

Nail the Goal

We think everything should revolve around the goal. Keeps everything focused.

Rapid Progress

Once you've got a plan, the rest is easy. We make light-work of getting started.

Proper Plan

Attention to detail. Let's not leave a stone unturned and consider every outcome.

Report Success

Reviewing the results is important, it helps guide our next move for you.

Our director has been developing websites since 2004 when he delivered his first website. He went on to develop a successful career in marketing working in the automotive and insurance sectors. The automotive industry has been shaken up in recent years with manufacturers leading the innovation and dealer groups embracing the need to innovate. After spending a number of years working in insurance taking on a leading role to transform and digitise the business, BM Media was formed to offer assistance and drive the innovation throughout the industry.

The team is made up of high-calibre proven marketing specialists all with extensive experience working with insurance and financial businesses. This means you can benefit from the output and return of a dynamic and specialised marketing team at less than the cost of hiring a single employee doing all of it! This guarantees a saving in cost by comparison, but it also enables you to achieve the results and growth you seek, whilst saving your own time and resources enabling you to do what you do best.

Delivering the high quality marketing performance derived from top-class advertising and marketing agencies, and delivered in sections that allow you to implement, test and reap at a level of growth and adaptation that matches the needs and opportunities of your firm. 

Ready to leave your competition in the dust?

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