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Bing offers businesses a big opportunity to capitalise on a specific user base. Although Bing has a much smaller market share than Google, the typical Bing user is often a digital novice and this means we can effectively profile the demographics and tailor Bing campaigns to match suitable products.

When advertising on the Bing platform, your money goes further, no question. Although the pool of users is smaller, the ones that do use it are highly engaged.

We spend a lot of time getting campaigns setup. Each campaign we work on is bespoke to each individual firm. This means analysing where the opportunities are, considering the keywords we don’t want to show for, and structuring the campaign in a way that means every category of keyword gets a highly targeted group of ads delivered. 

We hone in on your best performing times of day to ensure your budget is maximised when it matters most.

All of this means you’re not wasting budget on clicks that won’t ever enquire. The searches that come from your ideal customer show up in top positions and display a prominent ad that’s designed to convert.

Our ads are constantly tested, tweaked and refined for Bing. Each target audience uses technology in different ways, reads messaging from different perspectives and even expect different service levels when it comes to doing business.

It’s this understanding of the broad customer base that drives us to tailor ad copy for your specific business objectives.

The way we structure our campaigns is unique. We breakdown each campaign into lots of ad groups, delivering many, many ad variations to ensure your overall campaign achieves it’s maximum potential. 

It’s not uncommon for digital marketing firms to through some top level stats at you out of context, such as, number of clicks and number of impressions. For us, we know the rate at which a campaign generates leads is the most important figure (apart from the rate at which leads are closed). Understanding the impact click through rate has on the overall campaign is important for understanding how many opportunities are being missed. 

According to WordStream, the average click through rate for the Insurance and Finance industry on search ads is around 3%. Our usual achievement is around 5% minimum with many campaigns exceeding 10% and 15%. This shows how our campaigns are highly targeted and refined for maximum performance regardless of budget, service offering or geography.

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