Tailored LinkedIn Campaigns

Many businesses rely somewhat on B2B trade. LinkedIn is an invaluable tool for prospecting and growing enquiries from the right audiences. We understand the types of campaigns which drive results and work to deliver highly engaging content and landing pages to ensure clicks convert into enquiries.

LinkedIn is an invaluable resource, it’s home to a wealth of information that B2B businesses can capitalise on, but only when coupled with impactful insight and engaging creative assets. We have a number of recommendations about the types of campaign to run on LinkedIn which will vary depending on the type of product and audience.

In a world where everyone can publish content and make noise online, firms need to work smarter and in a way that makes them stand out amongst the crowd. Gone are the days of sticking a simple image on your LinkedIn page with a link to one of your web pages to generate some business. You need engaging and relevant video content, targeted landing pages and a clean user experience to ensure the ad investment performs.

A lot of the networks offer some sort of automated bidding facility to ensure your campaign performs, we personally don’t like it, it feels a bit like marking your own homework.

Stop writing blank cheques for Silicon Valley and start making the right investments to generate the returns you require. Our team monitor the performance of campaigns throughout the day as if it were our own money. If there’s an opportunity to boost a well performing campaign by re-assigning budget or tweaking bids, we’ll jump on it.

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