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Drive Enquiries with Live Chat

The old adage about working smarter and not harder has never been more relevant. This new remote world we’re all wading through means businesses need to be working smarter than ever before to stay competitive.

Take advantage of automation and bots to streamline the lead generation process, and save resource required to service common customer enquiries. 

With our automation, we can easily tailor a live chat conversation to guide a visitor through a bespoke question set in order to present your business with a pre-qualified lead. Automation is also useful in cases where enquiries often follow a similar format, such as frequently asked questions and your claims process.

Our tailored live chat system is compatible with any website. As long as you have access to the site’s codebase or you’re able to add scripts using a tag manager such as Google Tag Manager, our system installs with a simple line of code. 

We can help you install it if you’re unsure!

We operate a simple pricing model based on your traffic volume.

We don’t charge you for additional users or volume of chats. The reason for this is simple, live chat, no matter what system you choose to use, works best when everyone’s on board. Think of this from a customer perspective, if you need the answer to an account query, you want to be able to communicate with the correct team to give you the answers you need or the resolution you’re hoping for. You want all relevant areas of the business on the live chat, available and actively engaging with it. This is what creates an outstanding experience for your visitors and one which should help maintain and grow your conversion rates.

We also don’t charge for the volume of chats, the way we see it, the more chats, the better.

Benefit from using the WhatsApp messaging system with our live chat facility. Give your customers and prospects the option of using the simple and convienient tool they’re used to. Our WhatsApp integration is compatible with our bots and automation functionality, which means a lot of the communication can be streamlined from a resource perspective, and in terms of speed of service for the customer.

Modern day website visitors have high expectations and a short patience. It’s important that live chat enquiries are answered promptly, if a visitor is left to wait for more than 20 or 30 seconds, they will start to venture off. This does depend on the industry and nature of their enquiry, but for the insurance and finance sector in particular, you need to be aiming to respond within 20 seconds.

We understand the challenges a busy member of the team will face during the course of an average day. It may not always be possible to be available for a live chat enquiry, for instance if you’re on the phone for a lot of the time. Our expert live chat team can take care of your visitor’s enquiries for you, so that important leads aren’t missed. We can also reach out to visitors on your site proactively and initiate a conversation to get the ball rolling. This is a great option for firms who lack the resource to properly staff the live chat system but realise the benefit of utilising a live chat facility. Our extended operating hours means you can stay open and available for longer, talk  to us about availability.

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Completely responsive and lightweight which enables a seamless experience across every size device. Our live chat system can be completely customised to your branding and colour scheme.

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