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High Quality Video Content

In the busy world we all find ourselves in, businesses are increasingly having to think outside of the box to remain heard in the cluttered environment we know as the internet. It’s widely accepted that content is king, and now video is hugely important. It helps you to convey useful information and messaging quickly and in a digestible format we all love (not every enjoys reading a thesis to get an answer). Talk to us about producing video for your insurance or financial business.

Most marketing agencies understand the concept of optimising for search engines, but many don’t realise that there’s a huge opportunity to optimise your video content for search. 

People who are in the early stages of the buying process, often seek the support of others with the same agenda, and usually seek refuge with comments from those willing to share their experiences with users on YouTube.

With careful use of technical SEO elements in video, you can leverage your position in search engine results for maximum traffic along side optimising for impressions on YouTube.

We only use the best quality footage, captured on state-of-the-art equipment. Ultimately, your content is a reflection of your business and the service levels prospective clients can expect to enjoy. 

We recommend using a media hosting provider to deliver the content online which allows you to use the best quality footage based on the strength of the users’ internet connection.

With many firms operating from home, there’s never been a better time to provide live content for your clients, prospects and partners to consume. Usually our attention is divided amongst various activities, locations and people, although now our devices get most of it!

Capitalise on this, we’ll get you setup with everything you need to deliver a live broadcast, including equipment, and presenters if required. We’ve found Live Streaming events to be particularly useful for delivering digitised conferences and workshops. 

We have access to qualified and experienced drone operators to enhance the quality of the footage we deliver. Talk to us about organising an aerial video shoot, perfect for capturing the essence of your local area or showcasing your premises.

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